Visit from the Bishop

Most Sundays, the synod bishop visits one of the congregations in the synod.

Making a Request for a Visit by the Bishop

Bishop Graham’s visits are first and foremost pastoral visits.

  • It is appropriate for the bishop to preach and/or preside at the Eucharist when invited to be with a congregation on a Sunday morning.
  • Information on the congregation’s programs and congregational life should be provided ahead of time by the pastor and/or Church Council so that the bishop may fully enjoy and participate in the Sunday worship life of the congregation.
  • Opportunities for informal conversation with members of the congregation during the visit are welcomed by the bishop.

To formally request a visit by the bishop

  • Via email to: ; or
  • Via post to: The Rev. Richard H. Graham, Bishop | Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Synod, ELCA | P.O. Box 77245 | Washington, DC 20013
  • Include the following information:
    • FUNCTION – Will you want the bishop to  ☐ preside?   ☐ preach a Children’s Sermon?   ☐ lead a Q&A after the worship service?
    • SCHEDULE – What are the time(s) of   ☐ your worship service(s)?   ☐ any special events planned for the day?
    • ORDER OF WORSHIP – At least one week ahead of time, please submit your proposed Order of Worship, including readings for the day, so that the bishop may properly prepare.
    • VESTMENTS – The bishop expects to wear alb and stole during the service. If you wish that he wear the cope and mitre, please make this request along with your request for a visit.
    • LOGISTICS – Please reserve a parking space near the entrance to the church for the bishop.