Synod Council

The Synod Council is an elected group which serves as the synod’s board of directors and interim legislative authority between meetings of the Synod Assembly. Pictured are 2017-2018 Synod Council Members.   →   For briefings on what the Synod Council is doing, see Meetings & Minutes.


Bishop – The Rev. Richard H. Graham, bishop

Vice President – Evelyn Crenshaw

Secretary – Kevin Anderson

Treasurer – Julie Hamre


D.C. Conference – Michael Sonnenberg

D.C. Conference – The Rev. David Trott, Sr.

Fairfax Conference – Virginia Trygstad

Fairfax Conference – The Rev. Albert Triolo

Maryland Conference – The Rev. Gary Rhinesmith

Maryland Conference – Ashelyn Mosby

Montgomery Conference – The Rev. Jeanne Lowe

Montgomery Conference – Cleophas Tsokodayi

Potomac Conference – The Rev. Michael Guy

Potomac Conference – Cynthia Reese

Virginia Conference – The Rev. Sandra Kessinger

Virginia Conference – Barbara Bilodeau

At-large Member – Paul Culler

At-large Member – Jackson Droney

At-large Member – The Rev. Elijah Mwitanti

At-large Member – Deacon Rebecca Kolowé

Synodical Women’s Organization – Sheena Foster

Youth Organization – Katherine S.