Karen Krueger

Karen Krueger

Predecessor African American women in the pulpit

by Karen Krueger Before African-American History Month draws to a close, an interesting post from Howard University School of Divinity here in D.C. crossed my screen. While today “several respected African-American women preachers and teachers of preachers proudly… [raise] their Read More →

Priming to help immigrant neighbors

by Karen Krueger Our immigrant neighbors are in a time of heightened anxiety. Synod staff have received inquiries from concerned congregation leaders who want to demonstrate Christian love in circumstances of fear, especially after a confrontation with U.S. Immigration and Read More →

Digital directions

Digital directions by Karen Krueger Looking pretty good, Metro D.C. Synod! Here is a Digital Directory* of what you are doing online and some observations I collected in the process of compiling it which may help you. Using our list of congregations Read More →

Record keeping to facilitate recovery

by Karen Krueger A summary of vital document protection in preparation for possible emergencies was taken from an Internal Revenue Service document by Wheat Ridge Ministries. With the most lamentable consequences of disaster presently around us following Hurricane Matthew, and Read More →

La obra de Dios. Nuestras manos.

La obra de Dios. Nuestras manos. My first staff meeting with the Rev. Leila Ortiz, new Assistant to the Bishop in the synod, and already I learned something! She voiced an audio program designed to help students, pastors and other church leaders conduct the liturgy in Read More →

Your answers are input for ELCA future

Your answers are input for ELCA future Half of us went to lunch, half of us thoughtfully shared our input with the ELCA Churchwide Representative to our Synod Assembly, the Rev. Cherlyne Beck – then we traded. Affectionately called “Lutheran church nerds” on Twitter by members of Read More →