To See Ourselves As Others DoWhat is it like for a newcomer to walk into the doors of our sanctuary and worship with us for the very first time? The church feels warm and friendly to us – but is it just an assumption that it feels that way to others, too?

The Metro D.C. Synod asked ourselves these questions in 2011, with opportunities to explore the theme throughout the year. Resources which came out of this period of study and reflection can still be helpful!


Seeing Our BUILDING As Others Do Workshop Resources

Secret Visitor Training Event Materials 

Within the first 10 minutes of being there, 70% of people make up their mind about whether or not they’re coming back to your church… BEFORE the pastor ever gets up to preach! George Barna said this in 1994. Today, guests will make up their mind about your church in the first 4 to 8 minutes. That means that FIRST IMPRESSIONS are critical.All are welcome to these helpful resources.

More Ways to Focus on Hospitality in 2011

  • Request a visit from a young adult to your congregations worship services for gentle feedback
  • Plan your own “secret visitor initiative” at your congregation
    →  Here’s a Hospitality Checklist (doc file) – to help you develop your own “secret visitor initiative”

Introduction to 2011 Theme by Bishop 

Bishop Graham introduced our theme for 2011 during the synod-wide Together in Mission Event in January. Read excerpts of his sermon - “Surprise in Community of Welcome.”