Staff Insights

Synod has a little style

Synod has a little style by Karen Krueger Have you heard of a Style Guide? It aids consistency when projecting ourselves through communications in the big, wide world. I want to be sure you know about three style-ish matters. 1)     Lots of room for variation Read More →

Using our Living Voice

Using our Living Voice by the Rev. Heidi Moore, Worship Team Chair I was asked to give you all a taste of what the ELCA Worship Jubilee was about and talk about where the ELCA is headed “in a couple of paragraphs.” How can Read More →

Continued work to overcome racism

Continued work to overcome racism Our congregation in Bermuda quickly moved into action upon conclusion of the 2015 Metro D.C. Synod Assembly. Urged by the “Racism and the Events in Charleston” (link to pdf file) resolution adopted by the synod on June 20, 2015, Peace Read More →

Church as “landlord”

Church as “landlord” by the Rev. Phil Hirsch Many of our congregations rent to other churches and organizations. Space rental is an agreement different from joint ministry, partnership or outreach. While there are a lot of examples of good relationships that are formed Read More →

Handle it: Church and conflict

Handle it: Church and conflict by the Rev. Phil Hirsch “It’s not the problem; it’s how you handle it,” my mom always said. Christians can have a healthy community even when we don’t agree. Christ caused a lot of conflict. At times, he challenged his Read More →

Pasturizing announcements

Pasturizing announcements “We blame the people for not engaging in the mission. Sort of like a shepherd blaming the sheep for not going to the right pasture.”  This analogy grabbing my attention was used by Rich Birch in his recent article, Eight Read More →