140427creationcareOur relationship with the earth, one another and God are related.* In unprecedented ways, human activity is negatively impacting the rest of creation.** Taking time to focus on creation can help us all ask for God’s wisdom and do our part for the care and redemption of the world.

  • Originally prepared for Creation Care Sunday (April 27, 2014), see what you can do at your church and in your home/work life to participate in creation care. Use this CREATION CARE IDEAS LIST (pdf file) to plan activity in five congregational ministry areas.
1 – Worship

IDEAS LIST SAMPLES: Decorate altar with local flowers, hold worship outside in a garden, select hymns that celebrate creation, reduce worship space lighting by half, include eco-justice liturgy

2 – Education

IDEAS LIST SAMPLES: Hold Creation Care carnival during Sunday School, ask child-artists to color “Turn Off the Lights” light switch placards, watch Erik Bakus’ TIM-talk

3 – Buildings & Property

IDEAS LIST SAMPLES: Install aerators on faucets, plant native trees in landscape, conduct energy audit and discover ways to save money and energy

4 – Advocacy

IDEAS LIST SAMPLES: Host an environmental group for free in your building, sign-up for Lutheran Advocacy environmental email alerts, research your location’s watershed

5 – Discipleship at home & work

IDEAS LIST SAMPLES: Replace styrofoam/water bottles with reusable mugs; share vinegar, baking soda & lemon cleaning tips and switch from toxic cleaners; designate a “growing not mowing” part of your yard

"God is entirely and personally present in the wilderness, in the garden, in the field." - Martin Luther
God is entirely and personally present in the wilderness, in the garden, in the field” (Martin Luther). Lutherans have great theological reasons to care for creation. Find more Luther quotes and “Ten Reasons Why Lutherans Care for Creation” on the LRC website.

The synod Creation Care team is here to help. The Rev. Sarah Scherschligt can direct your inquiry – pastorsarah@sharingpeace.org.

The Creation Care team also recommends resources from these sources.

* “Seventeen Biblical Foundations for Earth Care” are presented by the Rev. David Rhoads in this article on the LRC website.

** Find data at http://climate.nasa.gov/evidence, and read “Potential Impact of Global Climate Change on Malaria Risk” from the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Biotechnology Information to learn more.


Pictured here are some previous initiatives undertaken in synod congregations.


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