Do you want to make a difference? Are you ready to serve the world in need? The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, ELCA presiding bishop, invites consideration of a call to public ministry in a short video. “God has and continues to call each of us to serve our neighbor and the world in need,” she says.

View also Show up! Through Spoken Word, persons discerning a call for service get a picture of public ministry: “The table is wide and there’s lots of food to eat. So show up. And be fed. And feed others satiating a different kind of hunger.”

Decreased seminary enrollment combined with a record number of ELCA rostered ministers who are retiring has resulted in not enough ministers to fill the open calls or to provide creative leadership in this time of rapid change in our church and in the world. The seven seminaries of the ELCA want to encourage future leaders and provide resources to promote the vocation of public ministry. More…

If not you, maybe you know someone who shows a gift for ministry. Tell them, and help mentor and foster them. Together – pastors, deacons, lay people – we can bring the word of God to the world.


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