Evangelism for Churches Event

Join us for an amazing three hours of discovery and exchange of ideas, led by local attorney and entrepreneur Ben Glass and a team of Lutheran pastors who are “rocking it” with their congregations. Ben, a member of Abiding Presence Lutheran Church, is a nationally recognized expert in attorney and small business marketing and his specialty is helping small law firms (the ones that are NOT on TV, billboards and the back of buses!) build practices that survive and thrive in one of the most competitive markets around. Ben also works with many businesses in the Northern Virginia area, helping them find their “why” and using that discovery to attract the right customers, patients and clients to their organizations. These same strategies can be used by the church to fulfill Jesus’ command to “make disciples” in innovative and faithful ways.

In addition to hearing from Ben, you will also hear from several local pastors who have implemented programs in their churches that are successfully building new disciples.

Finally, we will be soliciting applications in advance for “hot seats” where selected attendees will get to be up front and center, putting their biggest growth and program challenges in front of the group in order to “mastermind” solutions to the problems. The “wherever two or more are gathered” idea works even better when 37 very smart people are focused entirely on the production of solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.

The event will be held at the “Ben Glass Training Center for Growth and Innovation” in Fairfax, VA. Seating is strictly limited to 37 pastors and church leaders, so register early to guarantee a place at the table!

RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE!!! The cost for all synod attendees will be covered by the New Connections Campaign.

Evangelism Event Flier – Full page

Evangelism Event Flyer – Half page



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