Reach out, Welcome in, Hang on

A New Connections Event

We all know that we’re called to reach out and build relationships with those outside the church. Problem is, most of us don’t know how to actually do that without feeling extremely awkward or, even worse, by being a jerk about it.

How to Start and Maintain Spiritual Conversations Without Being a Jerk

Along with some basic training at the free New Connections event this coming Saturday morning, the Rev. Fred Nelson will lead the two-hour, interactive workshop at which we’ll learn about and practice the following:

  • Re-framing our emotional mindset about spiritual conversations
  • Re-framing evangelism as initial spiritual guidance
  • Three simple steps to starting a conversation with anyone
  • How to test the waters to see if someone is receptive to spiritual conversations
  • How to ask questions that surface a person’s spiritual story
  • Four key diagnostic questions you can use to sustain a spiritual conversation

Join Bishop Graham and other participants by registering for this free event.

Saturday, April 28, 2018
9-11 a.m.*
at Grace Lutheran Church in NW D.C.

The Rev. Fred Nelson

Our presenter is Lead Pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Chicago, Illinois. Pr. Nelson has helped one church grow into three sites with many in their 20’s and 30’s and with more diversity than most U.S. congregations.

Questions? Contact the Rev. Phil Hirsch at

Whether you’ve attended a “Reach Out,  Welcome in and Hang On” workshop before – or not – it is a great chance to enhance your ability to make New Connections.

(* D.C. Conference leaders will continue to meet after this workshop concludes.)