The following forms are completed annually. Below are links for electronic filing through the ELCA website.

  • Annual Congregation Reports (previously called “Parochial Reports”) –
    Due around February 15 annually. NOTE: Contact the synod office for assistance with ID & password


New and Renewing Congregation Grants

Synod Staff Engagement Form

If you have a request for a synod staff member to visit your congregation or event, please complete this engagement form that will help them to prepare and arrive on time.  The synod policy is that all congregations/ministries requesting the attendance of a synod staff member complete this engagement form and send all materials at least two weeks in advance of the event for final confirmation of the attendance of the staff person.

Link to these forms from Portico Benefit Services (formerly called the ELCA Board of Pensions), including

  • Change of Call Report
  • End of Call Notification
  • Rollover Forms for the ELCA Retirement Plan
  • and more


And find additional forms, such as the Payment Request Form, on the “Treasurer Desk” page.


Completion of background check required of all adults working with youth at synodical events. Send this form to the synod office to the attention of Katharyn Wheeler. Review our Background Check Policy (7/5/16 update). Fees associated with a Background Check will be determined based on individual factors. Direct questions to or 202-417-3678.

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