As your community of faith is working to discern new and vital ways to be in ministry, the New and Renewing Mission Table would like to be a partner with you. 

Tasked by the synod with developing new ministries and helping renew existing congregations, the Table supports leaders and churches who want to engage in holy experimenting in their context for the sake of the gospel. We would love to partner with you as you develop ideas and look for funding.

  • We have grants available from a number of different sources
  • We also have a diverse team of leaders who have experience with revitalizing ministry in their own locations and are more than happy to help you think about your context

New & Renewing Grants

We have grants available from a number of different sources that your congregation can apply for. Any congregation in the Metro D.C. Synod can apply for a New & Renewing Missions grant. See the sample form below to help you prepare to submit a grant request.

Discuss Grant Ideas with Director of Evangelical Mission

We urge you to discuss an idea with the Director for Evangelical Mission before submitting a proposal.

Grants are more likely to be awarded to fund mission strategies that are innovative and more interactive with a congregation’s neighbors in a way that is contextually appropriate for the recipient congregation.

The grant proposal will be reviewed by the:

  • Director for Evangelical Mission
  • the New and Renewing Missions Table
  • and possibly the Synod Council, depending on the source of funds and the size of the request.


For additional questions contact Pr. Lamar Bailey, Director for Evangelical Mission and Assistant to the Bishop at (202) 417-3682.

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