When our synod is represented in print and graphics, we strive to be consistent in several matters.


There are only two correct ways to refer to the synod officially.

Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Synod
Metro D.C. Synod


Our synod relies upon the ELCA Style Guide for consistency in referring to things coming up in day-to-day church work, such as titles, capitalization and much more.

The ELCA Style Guide is available online – jump directly to the pdf file on elca.org.


“Brandmark” is the official name for the globe and wording representing synods, congregations, ministries and the churchwide ELCA organization. The ELCA brandmark comes with distinct guidelines for correct usage. Refer to “Brandmark Quick Reference Guide” at www.elca.org/Resources/ELCA-Branding.  (NOTE: The ELCA brandmark in Spanish and other tools are also found on this resource page.)

Find the ELCA Brandmark for Metro D.C. Synod here:logosynbw

For additional assistance, contact the Metro D.C. Synod office.

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