Resources for Congregations

Synod Directory – Directory for the Metro D.C. ELCA Synod

Constitution and Bylaws
Constitution and Bylaws of the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Synod

Compensation Guidelines
Compensation guidelines for rostered leaders.

Call Process in Congregations – “Our pastor has resigned; What now?”
Safe Church – Safe Church resources, including the synod Statement of Policy Regarding Sexual Misconduct by Members of the Clergy and Rostered Layperson

Forms repository, including Statements of Intent (SOIs) and more

If you don’t find what you need here, please contact the synod office via email or at 202-417-3678 so that we can connect you with the resources you need.

Congregation Life Resources

Vacancy Handbook: “From Pastoral Vacancy to Installation” – A 25 page tool to guide congregations from pastoral vacancy to installation.

Candidacy – How does one become a pastor or other rostered leader?
Close as Act of Mission – How some congregations face a tough choice

Compensation Guidelines – Compensation recommendations

Supply Preachers – A current list of supply pastors can be found in the Synod Directory. If you have any questions please contact the synod office at
FCTE – First Call Theological Education
Youth Protection Policy – for Synod-sponsored Youth Events
Mission Spending Plan – Mission spending plan of the synod
Best Practices for Growing Congregations – (ppt file) – Presentation by the Rev. Phil Hirsch (2/14)
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