Navigating a Transition of Leadership in a Congregation

Congregations may be in a transition stage due to a resignation or retirement of their current rostered minister (pastor or deacon). 

The synod has a process to help congregations and rostered ministers achieve healthy transitions, described more fully in From Pastoral Vacancy to Installation” (pdf file).

The process is designed to ensure healthy closure with an outgoing leader, assist the congregation in assessing its needs and beginning ministry in the interim period, and move into interviewing candidates and calling a new leader.

The Transition Process Overview

The congregation prepares for the departure of an outgoing rostered minister and the synod assists in reviewing the call process with the congregation and determining the congregation’s interim ministry needs.

An interim pastor or other rostered leader may be engaged while the congregation and its church council assess their needs and appoint a call committee. 

You can find the Covenant for Interim Ministry here and more information in “Added strength before call process,” a Forum blog post.

The synod reviews the pool of available candidates and forwards information to the congregation call committee, which interviews candidates and recommends a candidate to the church council.

The Call Committee Template is available here for further guidance. 

A congregational meeting date is arranged with the synod and held to approve the calling of a notified candidate.

Once a candidate considers and accepts the call, the congregation concludes the interim arrangement and welcomes the new leader to their congregation. 

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