We’re growing in generosity! All links are to pdf files unless otherwise noted.

A short video on Stewardship and where your Mission Support dollars go filmed in Fall 2018

GIVING MAGAZINE is an ELCA stewardship campaign resource for your congregation (link to pdf file of the March 2015 issue).

It’s free and available electronically.   If you would like the kit that is associated with this resource, the synod will pay for it.  Please contact the Rev. Shannon Anderson at the synod office for more information.

SAMPLES from the Stewardship Workshops by Paul Erbs (posted 3/9/15)

“Fearless Generosity” Stewardship Materials

  • Embrace Generosity (31 page pdf file – introduced at 2013 Synod Assembly)
  • Or select Embrace Generosity (large rtf file) – Select and/or adapt portions of these stewardship resources to your congregation’s specifications.

The synod’s Stewardship & Mission Table recommends the following.

  • Recommended Books on Stewardship (posted 4/27/12)
  • Survey Results and a Best Practice (the “Mission Letter”) (posted 3/20/12) – Roughly 2/3 of the synod’s congregations responded to a recent Stewardship & Mission Survey. Read what these congregations had to say, and hear a suggestion from the Stewardship & Mission Table based upon their assessment of best practices. This information is also summarized in a blog post from the Rev. Dave Sonnenberg, “Stewardship Practices – Common and Best,” in the Forum blog on this site.
  • Getting in Position to Thrive 2.0 (posted 11/9/11)
    “A church that is ‘in position’ will change lives, reach out, welcome and assimilate new people, be a beacon of care, inspire and receive strong financial support, and be able to seize new opportunities for mission.” Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (GSLC) in Gaithersburg, Md., writes this for their Getting in Position to Thrive 2.0 campaign. The handout contains motivating ideas for other congregations as well.


  • Crafting a Narrative Budget (posted 8/22/11, rtf format)
    Excerpt rom the Rev. Dave Sonneberg: “In 2004, my congregation began to prepare a narrative budget in addition to the line item budget.  The Narrative Budget ‘translated’ the line item budget into a portrait of mission.  A Narrative Budget is an ‘inspirational tool.’   It‘s purpose is simple.  It tells ‘what we, as a congregation, intend to do with your generous giving.'”
  • Best Financial Stewardship Practices for Congregations (posted 10/8/13, ppt slides)
    Excerpt from the Rev. Phil Hirsch: “Don’t let the only time you talk about money in the church be when you are asking people to give.”
    Topics of these 28 slides include: Direct Conversations about Money / Reasons Why People Give / Best Annual Meeting / Ask Thank Tell .
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