The Organizations Making an Impact in the World

Community Family Life Services

Since 1969, Community Family Life Services has provided children, families, and adults with the tools and resources needed to move beyond poverty and homelessness. CFLS specializes in reentry support for women who are returning home following a period of incarceration by assisting them as they move into permanent self-sufficiency and stability. Our clients are seeking healing and redemption and a second chance at life.

The women’s reentry program provides wraparound support for women before, during and after incarceration, many of whom are single mothers facing homelessness. Reentry clients receive intensive case management which includes release planning, a Starter Kit with essentials and a laptop for virtual access to holistic programming that continues as they transition to housing, work to reunify their families, and seek employment.

In response to the pandemic, CFLS launched a new Virtual Services Department to provide virtual access to our drop-in center for emergency needs; transitional housing; medical case management; substance abuse counseling; employment training; and parenting classes. In addition, the CFLS Speakers Bureau moved public speaking training and presentations to a virtual format. Participants, who have experienced domestic violence, incarceration, human trafficking and other trauma share their stories to elevate their communities and advocate for causes that are important to them.

Gifts of the following amounts help provide comprehensive support to D.C.’s justice-involved women and other vulnerable populations:

  • $500 provides individual customized supports for things like rental assistance, work equipment, medical needs or childcare.
  • $350 provides a laptop, tablet, or Kindle for access to comprehensive virtual programming.
  • $200 ensures professional coaching, mentorship, or therapy designed to further support healing for a member of CFLS’s Speakers Bureau.
  • $100 provides a prepaid mobile phone or hotspot to connect with case managers and family.
  • $50 provides a transportation stipend to move beyond walkable distances for interviews, meetings, appointments and more.
  • $30 provides essential hygiene items for daily needs.
  • Your gift of any amount will help CFLS provide reentering women with essential tools for success through access to all of our services including employment, parenting, mental and physical health, HIV prevention, domestic violence awareness, financial literacy, legal advice and more. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.

The Community of St. Dysmas

The Community of St. Dysmas (CSD) is a congregation within the walls of the Maryland State prison system. Staff and volunteers provide worship, Bible study, and Christian support to the inmates at four facilities, as well as support to those who have been transferred to a facility that doesn’t have a formal congregation. 

These lively, faith-filled congregations are where God is changing lives through the good news of grace, forgiveness, and new life. CSD partners with aftercare programs to provide support for members after their release to find housing, employment and basic needs.

Your gifts will enable CSD to continue to bring the Gospel into the prisons and support people as they transition back to the community.

Fellowship Square

Founded in 1960, Fellowship Square advocates for and provides affordable housing and supportive services to older adults with very limited income.

Fellowship Square offers safe living environments that enhance independence, self-confidence, and the well-being of its diverse residents. The chaplaincy program provides pastoral care and counseling to residents.

Your gifts will support medical and dental care, counseling, and nutrition.

Good Shepherd Housing Foundation

Good Shepherd provides housing for vulnerable individuals and families with low income, particularly those struggling with mental illness. Rent does not exceed 30% of income and case management support is available in some of the homes.

Gifts will support Good Shepherd Housing Foundation’s programming and projects that change the lives of local families.

Housing Up

Founded in 1990 by volunteers in faith-based communities, Housing Up builds thriving communities in Washington, D.C. by developing affordable housing and providing comprehensive support services to homeless and low-income families, empowering them to gain long-term independence. 

Housing Up serves nearly 800 families throughout the District and offers a broad range of services, including enrichment programming for youth and young adults. To thrive in the District, families not only have to maintain their housing but also have to pay for items many of us take for granted like transportation, childcare, food & household essentials and healthcare. 

As the families they serve transition into a new year that will bring many of the same challenges as 2020, your gift will provide the flexible funding needed to support their needs. From people who are navigating distance learning with their children to those regaining stability after being laid-off due to COVID-19, your gift will make a difference in their lives.

Lutheran Campus Ministry

Lutheran Campus Ministry supports young adults as they navigate one of the most important times of their lives. Throughout the Synod, our campus ministries provide opportunities for students to worship, grow in their faith and connect with inter-faith learning opportunities, as well as develop leadership skills, participate in meaningful service opportunities, have time and space for retreats, and much more. 

Your gifts support and raise up young adult leaders who are the present (and future!) of the church and the world.

Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area

Since 1917, Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA) has served boldly in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Today, LSSNCA provides services that foster healthy and self-sufficient livelihoods including:

  •  refugee and immigrant resettlement,
  • workforce development, and interpretation,
  • family and children services — foster care for unaccompanied refugee minors and adoption services;
  • health and wellness services — CARE for Newcomers, healthy relationships education and Youth Haven.

 Together and with the help of partners and volunteers, we work to promote welcoming and compassionate communities.

Gifts will transform the lives of others.

Lutheran Volunteer Corps

Since 1979, more than 2,700 volunteers have worked towards social justice with Lutheran Volunteer Corps. Volunteers spend a year or a semester serving the marginalized in society and learning about the root causes of poverty and oppression. LVC continues the core values tradition of living in community, simply and sustainably; while volunteering 40 hours each week at partner placement organizations with missions including immigration, housing, education, health, and other areas. 

LVC welcomes volunteers at all stages of life including retired, on sabbatical, in-between or changing jobs, gap year, and more. Participation is at no cost to the volunteer. 

Your gift helps fund the program for new generations learning the lifelong commitment to social justice. 

Companion Synod:
Lutheran Churches in Namibia

Our Synod has Companion Synod relationships with three entities in Namibia—The Paulinum Seminary, ELCIN, and ELCRN.

Gifts of Hope help the various Lutheran entities in Namibia, who can choose which project they like (whether it be books for the Seminary, hostel supplies for ELCRN, or monies for the retired pastors’ fund sponsored by ELCIN).

Your gift will improve livelihoods and meet the spiritual needs of the Namibian people.

Companion Synod:
The Salvadoran Lutheran Church

The Salvadoran Lutheran Church is a new church: small in numbers, but with a powerful voice in a country where pain and hope are both easy to see. These Lutheran churches in El Salvador thrive among the least fortunate, in urban slums and small towns. 

Your gift will help fund micro-business grants and other projects, and support salaries for pastors, almost all of whom have jobs outside the church, to pay their bills and support their congregations.

Companion Synod:
Lutheran Churches in Slovakia

The Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia dates from Luther’s lifetime. Still recovering from persecution under communism, this church bears witness in a part of Central Europe where educational work and youth ministry are bearing great fruit. Ministry to immigrants and to the Roma people are also vital now. 

Your gift will help renovate damaged church buildings, maintain Lutheran schools, and enhance church grounds.

N Street Village

Founded in 1973, N Street Village empowers homeless and low-income women in Washington D.C. to claim their highest quality of life. Through our strong community of hope and respect, the Village provides the tools for women to make real, lasting change in their lives. 

Your gift will help us provide for immediate client needs like food, clothing, and shelter, as well as access to health care and job training resources.

Support Outdoor Ministries

Caroline Furnace & Mar-Lu-Ridge

Your gift will be split evenly between the two camps and will support scholarships, programming, and equipment.

Caroline Furnace is surrounded by over 250 acres of George Washington National Forest and is nestled between the North and South Forks of the Shenandoah River. The property includes a five-acre lake, prayer labyrinth, seven large group fire circles, an extensive trail network, a 19th century chapel, and a Civil War Era Iron Furnace.

For over 62 years, Mar-Lu-Ridge has been a place of community, service, and sanctuary. Located in the beautiful Catoctin Mountains of Maryland, Mar-Lu-Ridge serves others through year-round retreat hospitality and summer camp programming.

Roanoke College

Roanoke College is a four-year, liberal arts college located in Salem, Virginia. Founded in 1842, Roanoke is the second-oldest Lutheran related college in America and lives at the intersection of faith and reason. Reason calls us to be honest. Faith calls us to be authentic. 

 Your gift supporting Roanoke College will be directed to the scholarship program for students pursuing a church vocation who are from the Washington D.C. area or the three international companion synods. Gifts of Hope helps students with tuition assistance or help with other college expenses.

Shelter House

Shelter House was founded in 1981 to address the homelessness crisis in Fairfax County. Over the past 40 years the agency has blossomed to provide a variety of housing solutions and critical support to persons experiencing or at risk of homelessness and victims of domestic violence. 

Currently, Shelter House provides homelessness prevention services, emergency shelter, transitional housing, rapid re-housing, permanent supportive housing, and affordable housing to support low-income households in obtaining and maintaining safe permanent housing. Your gift to Shelter House is more important than ever as many low-income families struggle to navigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

By choosing to give to Shelter House, your gift of rent or utility assistance will help to ensure that families are able to stay in housing during this difficult time.

Southeast Ministry

Southeast Ministry is a grassroots social justice ministry located in Ward 8 of Washington, D.C. 

This organization provides hope for men and women in a safe and respectful environment through math and literacy education, financial skills classes, job readiness, and other programs that celebrate achievements, build self-esteem, and transform lives. Clients map their educational and vocational pathways. 

Your gift will make a difference today and tomorrow.

United Lutheran Seminary

United Lutheran Seminary (ULS) is one of seven seminaries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). ULS is comprised of two physical campuses, Philadelphia and Gettysburg, and a distributed online learning campus. ULS is a Reconciling in Christ seminary. 

The ULS Community is a welcoming and diverse learning community equipping people to proclaim the living Gospel for a changing church and world. The seminary offers six graduate degree tracks and lifelong learning programs that equip rostered and lay leaders to serve with deep faith and excellence—in congregations, social ministry agencies, campus ministries, military settings, and global missions. 

Your gift to ULS will help seminarians meet basic needs and help underwrite expenses while they are being formed as faithful servant leaders and develop skills that are Lutheran in focus, ecumenical in practice, and led by grace.

The Village at Rockville
A National Lutheran Community

The Village at Rockville admitted its first resident in 1895 and since has served residents with care and compassion, including supporting older adults experiencing financial difficulty. The Village at Rockville provides memory care services, short-term rehabilitation, outpatient physical and occupational therapy, nursing care, and hospice care. 

For more than 130 years, residents and their families have had peace and comfort knowing they won’t lose their home as a result of a personal financial crisis outside of their control. 

Your gift can provide peace of mind, food, shelter, and stimulating activities for older adult residents.