by Congregations of the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Synod, ELCA

Global Ministry Assistance Guidelines (pdf file) – downloadable file of material printed below

Thank you to the congregations, pastors, and people of the Metro DC Synod for your care, compassion, generosity and benevolence to those in need outside of the United States.

We are seeing an increase in requests for assistance from churches, organizations and individuals from around the world.   We all desire to be responsive to the call of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and consciences to serve those in need outside the United States.  As good stewards of our benevolence, we want to evaluate carefully and prioritize the distribution of our limited resources to maximize the effectiveness of their use.

As always, congregations have the right and autonomy to make independent, thoughtful and prayerful decisions concerning their benevolent involvement with, and advocacy of, ministries that are located outside the United States.

However, the Metro DC Synod, ELCA, endorses the collective commitment to our ministry partners and requests that they be given priority in the allocation of congregational benevolence that is directed outside the United States.  Those ministry partners include our Companion Synod covenants with Lutheran Churches in El Salvador, Namibia and Slovakia and the work of our Synod through the Middle East Working Group.  They also include the broader work of the international ministry of the ELCA and its ELCA-related organizations: ELCA Lutheran World Hunger Appeal, Lutheran International Disaster Response, Lutheran World Relief, and the Lutheran World Federation.

These existing institutional partnerships have first priority in our efforts to address growing hardships in the world.  The relationships we share with these sisters and brothers allow us to work interdependently with them in shared mission and ministry.  Our shared relationships provide the confidence that we will all seek to be good stewards of our resources, will be accountable to each other and will participate in mutual planning that incorporates the guidelines, core values and goals of our national church bodies.  These relationships are extensions of our congregations into the larger world and are part of our global Lutheran witness.  They deserve our continued strong support and benevolence.

Requests for Synodical endorsement and/or support for organizations and agencies other than those identified above may continue to be submitted to the Synod’s Global Mission Committee for review and recommendation and will be prayerfully considered.


Contact the Synod’s Global Mission Committee:
The Rev. Bob Allard, GM Committee Chair, 703-494-7525 or
Barbara O’Keefe, GM Committee Secretary, 703-354-4762 or
Published May 2009

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