Linking resource of Admins

by Katharyn Wheeler

The pink sweater [photo at left taken at ELCA admin gathering] isn’t all that stands out about Katharyn Wheeler. We thank her for initiating a new Admin Network in the synod.
After attending an ELCA-wide synod administration network meeting this past summer, I realized there’s a missing part of our work together in the Metro D.C. Synod. There is a need for our Admins to have a network of their own.

I served for over 10 years as the Administrative Assistant at Epiphany Lutheran Church in Dale City, Virginia, and never felt particularly connected to those serving in similar positions in the other congregations of the synod. And there is a wealth of resource among our Admins which if linked can be beneficial to those who support all our congregations.

So we’re taking steps to facilitate that linkage. Follow-up on the email and letter sent to our congregations and fill out the survey it mentions by Tue. Feb. 13.

Admins serve important roles in ministry. There are tools and resources available that will enhance their work. We can turn to each other for support and growth. Let’s build this network together.


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