Networking women in congregations

by Karen Krueger

In the current issue of Joyful News, our Synodical Women’s Organization (SWO) shared some ideas in case women gathering in your congregation want to network more actively with others in the synod and wider-ELCA.

“Begin by asking other women to join you in this organization that is redefining women’s ministry,” writes Cheryl Dwyer, SWO president. There are terrific, attractive tools rooted in Women of the ELCA that can help get you started.

  • Café is a web-based magazine for young adult women who want to build community, participate in advocacy, and strengthen their faith –
  • Gather is the official magazine for the organization and offers faith-in-life articles and Bible study –
  • And personally, I like their

More ins & outs are described in the March 2018 issue (page 9). “Make room for all who want to participate,” it points out. Groups can be formed within a congregation’s unit, such as yoga practice, a girls’ group, a book club, etc.

Advantages of coalescing as an “Active Unit” include sending a voting member to the SWO Convention as they consider issues as a group, according to Dwyer. “This is an important ‘right’ that your unit can exercise!” she says.

Other groupings include “Intercongregational Unit,” made up of two or more congregations; and “Special Unit,” such as one on a college campus or retirement home outside a normal congregation structure.

Learn more about our local SWO from their Facebook page and website.


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