Synod-Wide Post-Election Days of Prayer

All Metro D.C. Synod congregations are invited to participate in a 10 Days of Prayer series after Election Day. Through this prayer series, we hope to reflect on how we practice our faith in public, how we care for our neighbors, and how we bear witness to God at work in our world despite the challenges of this year and season.

At 5:00 AM every morning, a short devotional, written by leaders in our synod, will be made available on the Synod Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Post-Election Prayers

Pre-Election Devotions
You can download the pre-election devotional PDF below. 
You are invited to share these devotionals with members in your congregations and ministries!

Day 10 Devotional

Day 10/November 3 Devotion Reflection by Brother Ken Taylor, Pastor of Saint Nicholas Lutheran in Huntingtown, MD Do we really love our neighbors? We have

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Day 9 Devotional

Day 9/November 2 Devotion Reflection by the Rev. Angela Shannon, Pastor at All Saints Lutheran in Bowie, MD Instead of singing Auld Lang Syne to

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Day 7 Devotional

Day 7/October 31 Devotion Reflection by the Rev. Kari Parsons Pastor at Christ the Servant in Montgomery Village, MD Many years ago, I was taught

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Day 6 Devotional

Day 6/October 30 Devotion Reflection by the Rev. Ray Ranker Pastor and Chaplain of Lutheran Campus Ministry, University of Maryland As a high schooler I

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Day 5 Devotional

Day 5/October 29 Devotion Reflection by the Rev. Tom Knoll Senior Pastor of First Trinity in Washington, D.C. It is my belief that it is

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Day 4 Devotional

Day 4/October 28 Devotion Reflection by the Rev. Karen Brau Senior Pastor at Luther Place in Washington D.C. When the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, the congregation

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Day 3 Devotional

Day 3/October 27 Devotion Reflection by Rev. Ben HogueAssociate Pastor, Lutheran Church of the Reformation in Washington D.C. I often ponder the words ‘get to’

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Day 2 Devotional

Day 2/October 26 Devotion Reflection by Deacon Dave Larrabee Operations Manager at The Lamb Center in Fairfax, VA Standing by Chris’ side as the Priest

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