In addition to our Synod Council, the Primary Table of our synod, several other tables, teams and committees help to strengthen ministry in our synod. 


The Synod Council is the primary mission table of the Metro D.C Synod. 

Vice President of Synod Council – Jennifer Slagle Peck.

Learn more about Synod Council by clicking here.

The New & Renewing Missions Table helps to start new congregations and ministries in our synod as well as assist with efforts to renew or grow existing congregations. 

Chair: The Rev. Shannon Anderson –

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The Stewardship and Mission Support Table helps congregations improve their financial stewardship and inspires giving to the larger church through workshops and education. 

Chair: The Rev. Darcy Tillman at


The following standing committees are served by elected members:

The Committee on Discipline stands ready to be called upon if a disciplinary process arises during oversight of pastoral and congregational relationships in the synod. Persons on this committee of 12 (half ordained ministers and half lay people) are elected by the Synod Assembly for a term of six years without consecutive re-election.

Currently serving are:

Pr. Michael Lohmann (2027)  

Pr. Tiffany Towberman (2027)  

Barbara Bilodeau (2027) 

Thomas VanPoole (2027) 

Rev. Eva Steege (2025)

Rev. Betty Landis (2025)

Birgit Campana (2025)

Katharine Wulff (2025)

Matthew Fuehrmeyer (2023)

The Consultation Committee stands ready to be called upon when there is disagreement among factions within a congregation on a substantive issue which cannot be resolved by the parties, even after initial consultation with the synod bishop. Persons on this committee of 12 (half ordained ministers; half lay people) are elected by the Synod Assembly for a term of six years without consecutive re-election.

Currently serving are:


Pr. Lynn Miller (2026) 


Pr. Franklin Morales (2026) 

Jason Maddux (2026) 

Diana Bateman (2026)

Rev. Scott Zimmerer (2024)

Michael Sonnenberg (2024) 

(not pictured) Mary Jo Anderson (2024)

Karen Consiglio (2022)

The Rev. Renata Eustis (2022)

John Handley (2022)


The Building Puentes team organizes synod efforts to build a more intentional relationship with our siblings in the ELCA Caribbean Synod along with the Delaware-Maryland Synod. 

Learn more about Building Puentes by clicking here. 

The Candidacy Committee participates in the church-wide process of discernment, preparation and formation leading to approval for public ministry in the ELCA in partnership with candidates, congregations and seminaries.

Chair: Rev. Ben Hogue –

The Metro D.C. Coaching Network is  actively raising up and deploying coaches to empower the vitality of our leaders and congregations everywhere and is part of the ELCA Coaching ministry. 

Coordinator: Pastor Nathan Swenson-Reinhold – 

Learn more about coaching here.

The Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Relations Committee provides counsel on and helps maintain the ecumenical relations of the synod.

Officer: Rev. Mark B. Brown –

The Finance Committee provides responsible management of all financial assets of our synod, prepares an annual budget reflecting anticipated receipts and expenditures, and strengthens the financial position of our synod.

Chair: Julie Hamre, Synod Treasurer –

The Global Mission Committee enables congregations to proclaim Jesus Christ throughout the world by way of Companion Synod relationships with Lutheran churches in El Salvador, Namibia and Slovakia; advocacy for peace through the Middle East Working Group; ELCA Global Church Sponsorships; Gifts of Hope, local ELCA World Hunger efforts and other activities. Teams and groups within this active committee focus on involvement.

Chair:  Richard Graham –

The Mental Health and Self Care team offers guidance, resources and support for church leadership to stay healthy in ministry. 


Learn more and get mental health resources here.

The Racial Equity Team offers leadership in our commitment to the work of confronting racism and moving toward equity and justice in the world.

Chair: The Rev. Karen Brau –

Learn more and get anti-racism resources here.

The Synod Assembly Planning Team facilitates the regularly held meeting of voting members of the synod which is its highest legislative authority. The team serves for a one year term to organize the Synod Assembly meeting.


The worship team works closely with the Synod staff to plan and execute Synod-wide worship experiences throughout the year such as All Saints Sunday, Synod Assembly worship, Pentecost, Advent, etc. This team consists of Rostered Ministers, musicians and A/V volunteers. 

Chair: Rev. David Slagle Peck –

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