Bienaventurado el que sabe que compartir un dolor es dividirlo y compartir una alegría es multiplicarla. // Blessed is he who knows that sharing a pain is to split it and sharing a joy is to multiply it.

The devastation of life-altering hurricane damage prompted the ELCA Caribbean Synod to share that message (9/17/17), and led the bishop of the ELCA Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod to write with gratitude of his community’s experience: “The #1 question we hear: ‘How can I help?’ As followers of Jesus, we seek to love our neighbor and serve those in need” (8/29/17).

Consider making a donation through Lutheran Disaster Response. Financial assistance allows for obtaining needed supplies and supporting the local economy where a disaster has occurred. “As a church, we’re standing by our neighbors who are already affected, and we are ready to assist in additional locations as disaster strikes. Lutheran Disaster Response’s affiliates, companion churches, and international partners are collaborating with community leaders and government officials to respond,” writes the Rev. Daniel Rift, director, ELCA World Hunger and Disaster Appeal (9/10/17).

“We are fortunate to have a quick means of getting [Clean-up Bucket Kits] to Texas with the Brethren Disaster Ministries and Church World Service warehouses located at New Windsor, Maryland,” notes the Rev. Phillip Huber, Disaster Preparedness and Response Coordinator for Delaware and Maryland Lutheran Disaster Response (Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries) of a practical, acute need. “If your congregation can assist with this need, please [review] a list of items to include in the Bucket Kit.” Find his instruction memo on the “Extras” page and Clean-up Bucket Kit contents from Church World Service.

How to assemble CWS Cleanup Buckets

UPDATE: The gloves in the buckets should actually be NON-LATEX. There is a mistake in this video. If you are assembling Emergency Cleanup Buckets, please use NON-LATEX gloves. We apologize for any confusion this has caused. Please email with questions.We urgently need CWS Cleanup Buckets in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and lots of you have sprung into action to assemble them. These buckets are absolutely packed with needed supplies. Here's a refresher on what goes in the buckets and how to make the most of 5 gallons of space!

Posted by CWS on Wednesday, September 6, 2017