Loving and compassionate God, we come before you this World AIDS Day to remember people impacted by HIV and AIDS and reflect on the progress which has been made and what more needs to be done.

We thank you for the progress which has been made to slow, reverse and prevent the spread of HIV, to mitigate its impact on families and communities, and to build welcoming and caring communities for all.

This progress is the fruit of the divine gifts of reason, intelligence, good judgment, and spiritual inspiration that you have bestowed upon the millions of scientists, health care providers, mental health and social workers, pastoral caregivers, activists and members of civil society, and people directly impacted and affected by this disease, who are all doing their part to end this pandemic.

Through our words and actions may we all continue to move towards a world where there are zero new HIV infections, zero AIDS-related deaths, and zero stigma and discrimination against people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. Amen.

~ from the 2015 World AIS Day Service of the World Council of Churches

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