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The Rev. Richard H. Graham


Biography (pdf file)
202-417-3678, ext. 3680
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Assistant to the Bishop
The Rev. Leila Ortiz


Biography (pdf)
202-417-3678, ext. 3681
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Assistant to the Bishop & Director for Evangelical Mission
The Rev. Philip Hirsch


Biography (pdf file)
202-417-3678, ext. 3682
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Also serving the synod . . .

Administrative Assistant to the Bishop
Katharyn Wheeler

202-417-3678, ext. 3684

Communications Coordinator
Karen Krueger

Administrative Assistant for Mobility & Candidacy
Katie Simbala
202-417-3678, ext. 3683

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No answer? PLEASE leave a message - staff access messages remotely.

No answer? PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE – staff access messages remotely.

Staff Phone Extensions, dial 202-417-3678 then…
Ext. 3680  Bishop Richard Graham
Ext. 3685  Finance Office, including treasurer Julie Hamre
Main Line Christy Hartigan
Ext. 3682  The Rev. Phil Hirsch
Main Line Karen Krueger
Ext. 3683 K Simbala
Ext. 3681  The Rev. Leila Ortiz
Ext. 3684  Katharyn Wheeler