Reformation 500 Countdown

Ottoman Empire at doorstep

Ottoman Empire at doorstep 5 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY During the 1530s, Martin Luther stepped forth at yet another critical moment in history. The spread of the Ottoman Empire into the Balkans and Hungary brought the religion of Islam to the doorstep of Europe. Led by Sultan Suleiman, Read More →

Bugenhagen expands reforms north

Bugenhagen expands reforms north 6 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY “Martin Luther did not reform the church by himself,” notes one source.  An obvious example is Philipp Melanchthon, who helped Luther shape his theological ideas into their final form. Less known is Johannes Bugenhagen (1485–1558), Read More →

Augsburg Confession presented

Augsburg Confession presented 7 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY During the late 1520s, Martin Luther worked tirelessly to establish a firm basis for the Reformation. He focused more than ever on preaching and writing. In 1530, however, after taking part in drafting a set Read More →

Conversion and separation for Luther and Judaism

Conversion and separation for Luther and Judaism 8 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY Luther published an essay stating “That Jesus Christ was Born a Jew” (1523). He reminded his readers that Christianity had its roots in Judaism and that the Savior himself was Jewish at birth. He sought Read More →

Rebel seeks Reformation stabilization

Rebel seeks Reformation stabilization 9 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY Upon return to unfolding social and political disorder in Wittenberg during early 1522, Martin Luther the rebel monk now needed to become a force for stability. Influenced by leaders like Andreas Karlstadt and Thomas Muntzer, Read More →

New idea implementation

New idea implementation 10 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY In 1516, Andreas Karlstadt anticipated Martin Luther by posting his own theses – 151 of them – for debate, focusing on clerical abuses. Karlstadt had awarded Luther his doctorate in theology as chancellor of the Read More →