Reformation 500 Countdown

War of more than words

War of more than words WEEK OF REFORMATION SUNDAY Earlier reformers, particularly Johann Huss (1369-1415), laid the basis for an eventual challenge to the medieval church’s doctrine and practices. In the fall of 1517, Martin Luther accepted that challenge, inaugurating a reform process that broadened Read More →

Life sustaining spiritual truths

Life sustaining spiritual truths 1 WEEK BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY To mediate a family dispute, Martin Luther travelled in late January 1546, despite various health struggles, to the city of his birth. There in Eiseleben he experienced a severe case of angina and died of Read More →

Art conveys reforms

Art conveys reforms 2 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY By the late 1530s and early 1540s, Martin Luther’s reform efforts in Germany reached even into the world of art. A case in point can be found in the legacy of Lucas Cranach the Elder Read More →

Calvin emerges as leader

Calvin emerges as leader 3 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY As Scandinavian Lutheran churches took root during the 1530s and 1540s, a new leader emerged to further expand the Protestant Reformation. In Geneva, Switzerland, French-born John Calvin (1509-1564) assumed control of the Reformed branch of Read More →

Linguistic innovations while translating

Linguistic innovations while translating 4 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY As the Turkish threat to Europe receded, Martin Luther’s influence on the unfolding Reformation continued to expand. Impact of his efforts can be tracked in a variety of interesting but often forgotten ways. In 1540-41, the Read More →

Ottoman Empire at doorstep

Ottoman Empire at doorstep 5 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY During the 1530s, Martin Luther stepped forth at yet another critical moment in history. The spread of the Ottoman Empire into the Balkans and Hungary brought the religion of Islam to the doorstep of Europe. Led by Sultan Suleiman, Read More →