Reformation 500 Countdown

New idea implementation

New idea implementation 10 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY In 1516, Andreas Karlstadt anticipated Martin Luther by posting his own theses – 151 of them – for debate, focusing on clerical abuses. Karlstadt had awarded Luther his doctorate in theology as chancellor of the Read More →

Protective custody

Protective custody 11 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY Martin Luther began the journey from Worms to Wittenberg on April 26, 1512, – promised safe passage by Emperor Charles V – with a large contingent of supporters, but days later only a handful remained. Read More →

Recantation neither right nor safe

Recantation neither right nor safe 12 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY Rarely in human history has one individual’s views had such an immediate and far-reaching impact. After the debates between Johann Eck and Martin Luther in 1519, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V invited the rebellious Read More →

Break with Rome inevitable

Break with Rome inevitable 13 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY During the year following contentious debate between Martin Luther and Johann Eck, Luther produced three remarkable documents: The Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation, Prelude on the Babylonian Captivity of the Church, Read More →

Debates with Eck turn tables

Debates with Eck turn tables 14 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY Increased clerical resistance faced Martin Luther after his dramatic actions of October 31, 1517. The next year passed without a direct challenge. Soon, however, Johann Eck, a well-known Dominican scholar and defender of the Pope, Read More →

Bold step rapidly spreads

Bold step rapidly spreads 15 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther took the bold step of proposing a debate of 95 statements and questions that focused primarily on the Pope authorizing the sale of indulgences, defined as a monetary gift Read More →