Reformation 500 Countdown

Debates with Eck turn tables

Debates with Eck turn tables 14 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY Increased clerical resistance faced Martin Luther after his dramatic actions of October 31, 1517. The next year passed without a direct challenge. Soon, however, Johann Eck, a well-known Dominican scholar and defender of the Pope, Read More →

Bold step rapidly spreads

Bold step rapidly spreads 15 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther took the bold step of proposing a debate of 95 statements and questions that focused primarily on the Pope authorizing the sale of indulgences, defined as a monetary gift Read More →

Katie’s posed like Rosie the Riveter

“Drawing, coloring, and doodling are great activities to help focus the mind and center the soul,” writes Robbin Isenhour, who drew 44 contemporized images for an all-ages coloring book to use with “Ever Reformation: A Reformation 500 Cross-Generational Study” prepared Read More →

Turbulence along pathway

Turbulence along pathway 16 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY Two paths diverged in the woods: which one to choose? In 1510, Martin Luther returned from a visit to Rome to begin teaching and scholarship that called for major institutional changes. The famous humanist scholar Read More →

Useful instruction

Useful instruction 17 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY Up until Luther’s day, catechism was not an essential tool for Christian churches. There were the historic formulations of basic Christian principles by Cyril in 350, followed by Augustine’s version in 420. Over the ensuing Read More →

If you have something to say

If you have something to say 18 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY “Every day it rains Luther books,” exclaimed a Martin Luther opponent in 1521, a reference to the enormous out-pouring of writing on Luther’s part. Alec Ryrie of Cambridge University, author of Protestants: The Faith That Read More →