Reformation 500 Countdown

If you have something to say

If you have something to say 18 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY “Every day it rains Luther books,” exclaimed a Martin Luther opponent in 1521, a reference to the enormous out-pouring of writing on Luther’s part. Alec Ryrie of Cambridge University, author of Protestants: The Faith That Read More →

Uneven matchups

Uneven matchups 19 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY In 1521, as Pope Leo X was reviewing what to do about Luther’s 95 Theses, he issued a proclamation calling Henry VIII of England “Defender of the Faith” because the king had recently published a Read More →

Communion rite

Communion rite 20 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY Born within a year of each other, Ulrich Zwingli and Martin Luther lived parallel lives of action. They shared a common agenda, one that stressed the primacy of the Bible, called for church reorganization and Read More →

Swiss face of reformation

Swiss face of reformation 21 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY In his struggles against the medieval church, Martin Luther was not alone. He joined forces with a variety of other reformers. Among them was Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531), the most important reformer in the Swiss Protestant Read More →

Identifying with Galatians

Identifying with Galatians 22 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY For Martin Luther, the book of Romans emerged as the central biblical text in shaping the events that led to the Reformation. But he also had a special fondness for Galatians, jesting more than once Read More →

Burning books bother Bullinger

Burning books bother Bullinger 23 WEEKS BEFORE REFORMATION SUNDAY The burning of books is an act that always captivates us. This was particularly the case on November 27, 1519 when students at the University of Cologne, an institution loyal to the Pope, threw the Read More →