Staff Insights

Networking women in congregations

by Karen Krueger In the current issue of Joyful News, our Synodical Women’s Organization (SWO) shared some ideas in case women gathering in your congregation want to network more actively with others in the synod and wider-ELCA. “Begin by asking Read More →

Linking resource of Admins

Linking resource of Admins by Katharyn Wheeler After attending an ELCA-wide synod administration network meeting this past summer, I realized there’s a missing part of our work together in the Metro D.C. Synod. There is a need for our Admins to have a network Read More →

Visual stories from the Caribbean

Visual stories from the Caribbean This video is being shared before Epiphany Sunday to give a better sense of what the Building Puentes appeal is and who our siblings on the Caribbean islands are. The hope is that Kristina [Diaz’ work] will be shared in Read More →

New tax law and your organization

New tax law and your organization Will the changes in tax law really affect people’s giving to your church? Our friend and stewardship consultant, Mike Ward, thinks it won’t, and I agree. Here’s why… OPPORTUNITIES TO RESPOND TO THE NEW TAX LAW TO BENEFIT YOUR ORGANIZATION Read More →

Street sign is public theology

Street sign is public theology by Karen Krueger As she drives from congregation to congregation in our synod, the Rev. Leila Ortiz sees lots of church signs. “It’s public theology,” she observes. “Your sign is saying something. I wish you could see what I see.” Read More →

Posting as a church on social media

by Karen Krueger Two concrete areas came up in an exchange about social media policy in congregations recently. Church kids The ELCA discusses children/youth and social media exposure in a guiding document for Social Media and Congregations. It reads in Read More →