Staff Insights

Posting as a church on social media

by Karen Krueger Two concrete areas came up in an exchange about social media policy in congregations recently. Church kids The ELCA discusses children/youth and social media exposure in a guiding document for Social Media and Congregations. It reads in Read More →

Financial wisdom for young leaders

by Karen Krueger Guidance for young leaders to “save your bacon and help you be a good steward of your God-given resources” is the point of a list peppered with realistic tidbits by Bishop Mike Rinehart* of the Gulf Coast Read More →

Your church looks cute in that

Your church looks cute in that by Karen Krueger If you’ve shopped for a home online, you’ve probably noticed the difference between great photos and dull ones – then shortlisted potential property with a strong photo. So notes a United Methodist Communications article helping churches figure Read More →

Splash pages can be life savers

Splash pages can be life savers by Katharyn Wheeler Congregations often decide to give access to wi-fi as a service to their community. While this can be of great benefit to the users, it also has the potential of opening the congregation up to liability for Read More →

Sharing the Kaddish

Sharing the Kaddish by Bishop Graham It was an honor to attend the National Commemoration of the Days of Remembrance in the Capitol Rotunda yesterday morning. Sponsored by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, the event included recognition of Holocaust survivors living Read More →

Easter lilies and Easter visitors

by Karen Krueger “Treat everyone like they are coming home for family dinner, and you’re just happy to see them and catch up. That feeling will dwell deep… and God can do a lot with it,” observed Emily Gantert in Read More →