Staff Insights

Toward inspirational worship

Toward inspirational worship “Inspiration is not something I can plan or do,” he said. “I don’t get it. When I plan worship services, I pick hymns and practice music. They say they want the worship to be more ‘inspirational,’ but what does that Read More →

Health Care Tax Credit for Church Employers

Health Care Tax Credit for Church Employers Church employers may be eligible for health care tax credit of up to 25% according to a document published January 6, 2011, by the Church Alliance Core Lawyer Working Group’s Health Care Reform sub-committee to help church-affiliated employers understand the Read More →

Surprise in Community of Welcome

Surprise in Community of Welcome We are beginning a year in the life of our synod in which we will try to pay careful attention to the impression that our Christian communities make on other people.* We are going to make the effort to see Read More →

Figuring the Fiscal Year

Figuring the Fiscal Year We are preparing for the end of the year in the synod finance office. As in most congregations, we see an increase in activity; both in the number and amount of contributions as well as the reporting that has to Read More →

Is Jesus the one for us?

Is Jesus the one for us? Sooner or later you come to a time in your life when you have to stop drifting along and you have to raise some serious questions. Sooner or later you get to a point where the important things are the things Read More →

What’s in a number?

What’s in a number? Worship attendance has, for many years, been considered the gold standard for determining a congregation’s size. Membership used to be the standard, but that changed some years ago when it was determined that practices of keeping membership rosters varied so Read More →