E-reader entree for youth & Bible

Group 236

1202ereader2Would the kids you know read the Bible in a year if they could keep the e-reader they’re using? “If they find joy in the world of computers and e-books, let us be sure that at least a part of that ‘joy’ comes from the presence of God guiding them!” writes the Rev. Kathleen V. Price, Rector, All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Oakley, Md., of an initiative the parish is piloting.

The vestry has approved the purchase of e-book readers, complete with protective covers and the Bible installed, for distribution to students at Easter. If the student has completed reading the Bible by Easter 2013, he or she will keep the reader. Guidelines for reading and some check-in times, with questions, will be used to see that the youth are working toward their goal, according to the Episcopal Diocese of Washington (Weekly News Bulletin, 2/16/12).

“It is so important for us to help our young people build a firm foundation of faith that will help them deal with the chances and changes of our world. The Bible is a guidebook, a map for the journey of faith. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to do all that we can to show them God’s ‘ways’ and set them on the right path,” writes Pr. Price.

Want in? Pr. Price is negotiating pricing of a large order of e-readers. “I am happy to include folks that want to join in in an order – the more the merrier!” says Pr. Price of possible interest among local Lutheran congregations. Contact her at kvprice11@aol.com or 301-769-4288.