Following are materials needed in advance of the 2012 Metro D.C. Synod Assembly. All files are pdf unless otherwise noted.

NOTE: The National Conference Center does have wifi access.

The bulk collection of files was complete as of 4/23/12. The BULK COLLECTION is grouped in two parts, and it duplicates the individual files listed below in REPORTS & RESOLUTIONS. A few required items were added after 4/23 and are posted on a list labeled LATE ADDITIONS.



REPORTS & RESOLUTIONS (note: page number listed at left; material collected in BULK COLLECTION above) 


  • malariacampaignvideoDraft ELCA Social Statement on Criminal Justice – A draft of the ELCA social statement addressing issues in criminal justice is was released on March 15, 2012.  The 2013 Churchwide Assembly is anticipated to consider the proposed social statement. A hearing to collect feedback on the document will be held during the 2011 Synod Assembly in Spring Session, moderated by a member of the drafting task force.
  • ELCA Malaria Campaign – The goal of the ELCA Malaria Campaign is to raise $15 million by 2015. This is enough to fund malaria prevention, treatment and education programs in eleven countries in Africa. We’ll bring mosquito nets, water treatment, medicine, technologies and education to affected households and communities in Africa.  Together, we can overcome this disease… and make malaria history. View the video introducing the Malaria Campaign (offered for background only). Our synod coordinator will offer a workshop at Synod Assembly.
  • Lutheran GRACE info flyer (GRowing AIDS Compassion Everywhere)
  • Fair Trade Winds flyer