Resources for Congregations in Transition

Transitions are a part of life, filled with both challenge and opportunity. For communities of faith, transitions are fertile ground for God’s transformational work. When a congregation begins this journey of transformation, the Metro D.C. Synod staff accompanies congregations and rostered ministers. Congregational transitions are incredibly significant in the life of the whole church. They offer a rare opportunity for renewal and a time to reflect on the ministry and future of each congregation in unique ways. Entering the transition process intentionally and thoughtfully allows the Holy Spirit to move and breathe new life into the ministry of your congregation. 

Available Resources

Transition Process Overview

The synod has a process to help congregations and rostered ministers achieve healthy transitions, described more fully in Healthy Transitions Guide linked above.

The process is designed to ensure healthy closure with an outgoing leader, assist the congregation in assessing its needs and beginning ministry in the interim period, and move into interviewing candidates and calling a new leader

Metro D.C. Synod Congregations in Transition