Hope and purpose stands in 2012

Group 236


Take the ELCA 2012 National Advocacy Priorities Survey

Advocacy is a faith act you share with Moses, Esther, the Prophets, Luther and many Christians around the world.
Advocacy is living our Lutheran belief that good government is a gift.
Advocacy is pushing aside toxic politics to make space for others unheard. 
Advocacy is talking about your volunteering, projects and ministries to your public officials.
Advocacy is your voice. Jesus calls the Holy Spirit “Advocate.”

I know, I know. You and I are Americans living in a country that seems to have forgotten how to make meaningful decisions.
Tired of politics-as-is in both major parties?  We hear you!
Want to share what is important to you as a person of faith for 2012? We hear you!
Take ten minutes and tell us about advocacy priorities…*
Your opinion matters!
Let’s stand together with hope and purpose next year.

The Rev. Andrew Genszler
Director for Advocacy, ELCA Washington Office

*This letter by Drew Genszler was distributed just before Christmas. The ELCA 2012 National Advocacy Prriorities Survey is still open, and your input is encouraged.