How many loaves for 500 sandwiches?

Group 236

Here’s a creative way to celebrate that in 2017 we’re marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation! But planning  may take some math…

by Alan Van Nostrand*

A goal of 500 sandwiches to highlight the 500-year celebration of the Reformation was set by the team of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church (ELCA) of Springfield, Virg. and St. John’s Lutheran Church (LCMS) of Alexandria, Virg. Both congregations have worked together through the years, along with others in the neighborhood, to support hypothermia prevention and other outreach programs. On January 15, volunteers from both congregations met in our Fellowship Hall to make meals for homeless and hungry members of our community.

1702500sandwichesWe simply stated the need in our congregations, identified the opportunity for fellowship, and our members responded in force. Our team consisted of members across the age spectrum, from 2 to 82. We had over 60 people join from both congregations bringing bread, fixins and enthusiasm.

Before we knew it, we had used all 500 lunchbags we’d purchased and still had many more sandwiches to stuff. I believe in the end we were closer to 700 meals in total to be delivered to our representative at the program “So Others Might Eat.” Although simple, the meals included a sandwich (marked by type on the bag), a bag of chips and a fruit (apple or orange).

Thanks members of St. John’s and St. Mark’s for finding a way to commemorate the anniversary of the Reformation and supporting this important mission!

*Our guest writer is a member of St. Mark’s.