La obra de Dios. Nuestras manos.

Group 236

My first staff meeting with the Rev. Leila Ortiz, new Assistant to the Bishop in the synod, and already I learned something!

She voiced an audio program designed to help students, pastors and other church leaders conduct the liturgy in Spanish. “It’s free, online and available,” invites Pr. Ortiz.

Line-by-line readings of the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles Creed and other Lutheran liturgy portions with pauses for listener responses were produced by Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio. “The recordings have been a huge hit with Trinity students, and they are now available to anyone as downloads,” reads a December 2015 seminary announcement.

The ELCA brandmark is available in Spanish.

Did you know the ELCA brandmark is available in Spanish from

Bishop Abraham Allende, Northeastern Ohio Synod, also recorded the leader portion in Spanish, making available to learners both male and female leading voices.

A script of the audio lets one read along with the “Liturgy in Spanish” audio files – downloadable from the Trinity website (link). (NOTE: The spacing of the web page is not precise, but I was able to access the audio and pdf files from the website smoothly.)

Happy practicing! El Señor sea con ustedes.