Metro D.C. Synod Listening Session on Church, State, and Civic Engagement

Would you like to contribute your voice to the drafting of the statement? The ELCA is engaged in a multi-year process of developing a social statement on Church, State, and Civic Participation. The completed social statement will have many uses, including being a resource to stimulate responsible and caring discussion and to think more deeply about the relationship of the church, its members, and public life.  

This development process is being led by a task force made up of ELCA members from across the country. One of their most important roles is to listen to public feedback. At this early stage in the social statement process, that takes the form of Listening Events.   

Objective of Listening Sessions

The objective of Listening Events is to hear what topics people think the social statement should cover and their other hopes for the statement. Listening Events are an opportunity for people to share what’s important to them, rather than a debate or even a discussion. The task force will read all the notes taken at the event and consider them as they begin to study and prepare a social statement.  

The listening sessions will be hosted by Rev. Lamar Bailey and Rev. Amy Reumann.


The Metro D.C. Synod invites you to contribute your voice at Zoom listening sessions on September 22, 2021 at 7:00 pm or September 30, 2021 at 7:00 pm. This is an important opportunity for the task force to hear your concerns, suggestions, and ideas for study!

For more information about the task force, please go to

If you have feedback you would like to give to the task force and can’t attend a listening event, please email your thoughts to

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