Metro D.C. Synod Racial Equity Team

For more information about the Racial Equity Team or to get involved in the team’s efforts, please contact Rev. Karen Brau at

Participate in Sacred Ground Small Group on Race & Faith

Starting in September, Bishop Leila Ortiz and Metro D.C. Synod Racial Equity Team invite all rostered leaders to participate in Sacred Ground a film-based dialog series on race and faith.

A Statement on the Verdict on the Derek Chauvin Trial

We can stand with the jury and say that they got it right in holding Derek Chauvin accountable for a death delivering act of violence. May this verdict of guilty be part of fueling a change in our country and in our churches that must be embodied across the generations. We acknowledge that there is so much to do in America to stop racism and realize equity for all. And so we pray...

Draft Plan for Racial Justice in the Metro D.C. Synod of the ELCA

The Metro DC Synod Council issued a letter on October 7, 2020 that called on the synod and its congregations to take steps to dismantle white supremacy within the church and society at- large. Moreover, the letter called on the synod to more fully support and embody anti-racism towards Black, Indigenous, and People of Color as a prophetic and central value in its witness of the Gospel. The Plan for Racial Justice approved by the Synod Council can be viewed below.

A Lutheran Pastor's Reflection

Originally published in the Center for Racial Equity and Justice, February 2020 Newsletter, Pastor Karen Brau of Luther Place in D.C. provides a reflection on the events of the past year and those that directly affected her church leaders and their property during the December protests.

Adapted Nicene Creed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

The Racial Equity team has graciously put together a version of the Nicene Creed with quotes from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. woven in. Thank you Amanda Webber for crafting this wonderful creed in honor of MLK Day. All are welcome to utilize this resource especially for worship this Sunday to commemorate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Transforming White Privilege Toolkit

This online toolkit provided by Racial Equity Tools is designed to help current and emerging leaders better identify, talk about and intervene to address white privilege and its consequences. You can access this toolkit via a Google Drive folder by clicking below.
You can also access all of the materials online by emailing Katharyn Wheeler at for the login details. Please include the name of your congregation, city and state in your request. Thank you!

IMAGO DEI: Embracing the Image of God Racial Equity Series

During the summer of 2020, Racial Equity team provided an opportunity for people of all ethnicities, especially white allies, to attend an online Racial Equity series of four discussions with thought leaders Rev. Dr. Stephen Ray, Dr. Ulysses Burley III and Rozella H. White.

Get to Reading!

We have collected a list of educational and insightful books that will help you on your journey for racial justice and equity. There are also some options for children and youth.

Bishop Ortiz has also provided a personal recommendation list as well!