disaster accompaniment loan fund

Purpose of Fund

The Disaster Accompaniment Loan Fund supports rostered ministers and congregations of the Metro D.C. Synod with financial challenges resulting from an external event that causes the congregation’s income to drop precipitously and unexpectedly.

While established during the COVID-19 pandemic, this fund is intended to allow response to a broad range of crises that a congregation may face, such as, but not limited to fire, flood, and storm. Funds may act as a loan to support a congregation while awaiting insurance settlement or they may be used to cover on-going expenses to support ministry such as (but not limited to) staff salaries, benefits, and mortgage/rent.

The Disaster Accompaniment Loan Fund is intended to be a self-sustaining fund so that the fund can be used for future disaster.

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Source of Funds

Initially funded by the Synod Council with $10,000 from the Congregational Mission fund, the fund is supported through restricted contributions from congregations and individuals within the synod.

How to Give to this Fund

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    Click the green button below that says “Give to Fund Now”.

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    Under the Mission Support Header, Find the “Disaster Accompaniment Fund” within the list of available funds to give to.

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    Enter your gift amount.

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    Scroll to the bottom of the form and choose the frequency of your gift and the date you would like it to be made.

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    Click “Continue” button and provide your personal information and credit card or bank information to process the gift.

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Management of the Fund

The Disaster Accompaniment Loan Fund is managed by the New and Renewing Missions Table (NRMT) of the Metro D.C. Synod.

The NRMT will:

  • Receive and review applications for funds against the criteria and
  • Forward applications and the NRMT recommendations to the Synod Council for action.

Recommendations will include:

  • Amount to be provided
  • Loan payment plan
  • Opportunity for loan forgiveness

Distribution & Criteria to Apply

Use of this fund is determined by the Synod Council at the recommendation of the NRMT and the Bishop.

Successful applications must demonstrate

  • Active ministries that benefit the community (especially, but not limited to, feeding programs, preschool as a ministry of the congregation, homeless housing, community outreach ministries, community gathering place for 12-step groups).
  • Capacity to continue ministries for several years beyond the crises
  • History of involvement in Metro D.C. Synod (mission support, attendance at assembly, collegial participation of pastor)
  • Staff includes a pastor at least ½ time

Priority will be given to applications that:

  • Assist Vulnerable and Multi-Ethnic Communities
  • Demonstrate creative problem-solving in approaches for ministry have the potential to be replicated in other congregations or organizations

No more than 75% of the fund balance will be committed to any single loan.

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How to Apply

Click the link below to download the application form. Once complete, please email your application and budget to The Rev. Lamar Bailey, Assistant to the Bishop and Director of Evangelical Mission, lbailey@metrodcelca.org and The Rev Shannon Anderson, New and Renewing Mission Table Chair Mission@metrodelca.org.