racial equity

Equity for All God's Beloved Creation

The Racial Equity Team offers leadership in our commitment to the work of confronting racism and moving toward equity and justice in the world.

For more information about the Racial Equity Team or to get involved in the team’s efforts, please contact Rev. Karen Brau or Pastor Frank Morales at racialequity@metrodcelca.org.

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How to Start a Racial Equity Group in Your Congregation

Have you or your congregation recently felt called to dedicate some amount of time, energy, and resources to the cause of racial justice? Have you been asking yourself, what does that even look like in a congregational setting? How do we get started?

This guide was developed by the Minneapolis Area Synod with the purpose of answering your questions and to provide a general process for congregations in the early stages of racial justice work.

Upcoming Events

Region 8 Racial Justice Training Series

August 18, 2022 - February 12, 2023
The ELCA’s Region 8 is committed to equipping leaders to recognize and understand the complexities and implications of racism and racial issues and is offering training in the areas of anti-racism and racial justice for leaders in partnership with synods,...
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Transforming White Privilege Toolkit

This online toolkit provided by Racial Equity Tools is designed to help current and emerging leaders better identify, talk about and intervene to address white privilege and its consequences. You can access this toolkit via a Google Drive folder by clicking below.

You can also access all of the materials online by emailing Katharyn Wheeler at KWheeler@metrodcelca.org for the login details. Please include the name of your congregation, city and state in your request. Thank you!

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Reading Resources

We have collected a list of educational and insightful books that will help you on your journey for racial justice and equity. There are also some options for children and youth. Bishop Ortiz has also provided a personal recommendation list as well!

Embracing the Image of God Racial Equity Series

During the summer of 2020, the Racial Equity team provided an opportunity for people of all ethnicities, especially white allies, to attend an online Racial Equity series of four discussions with thought leaders Rev. Dr. Stephen Ray, Dr. Ulysses Burley III and Rozella H. White.

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Racial Equity Audit Process & Updates

In May of 2021, the synod council unanimously affirmed a Racial Justice Plan, proposed by the racial equity planning team, and the synod is moving forward with implementation by partnering with a consultant to complete a Synod-wide racial equity audit.