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What is New Connections?

New Connections is a synod-wide campaign with the goal of connecting 3,000 new people to Christian life and community over the course of the next three years, increasing the participants in our congregations by ten percent.

The best thing any of us have to offer is a connection to the One who came so that we might have life and live it abundantly. This is the good news that people are looking for – but not finding.

New Connections is our synod’s way to help every congregation respond faithfully to Christ’s calling to make disciples – not for the sake of growing membership rosters, but for the sake of extending ministry to a wandering and often hurting world.

MetroDC Coaches is a synod ministry funded by New Connections to partner with leaders on their journey.

The New Connections Campaign is designed to:

  • Connect 3,000 new people to engage in the ministry in our existing congregations – 10% growth across our synod
  • Connect with new leaders to help develop new skills – in particular storytelling and stewardship awareness
  • Revitalize each congregation through leadership and skill development of both rostered and lay leaders
  • Launch at least three new congregations to teach existing congregations new ways to connect with our cmmmunities
  • Connect the disconnected in our own congregations
  • Intentionally welcome and connect with people of different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds

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