Post-Election Prayer – November 5

Devotion provided by Jennifer Slagle Peck

So YHWH fashioned an earth creature
out of the clay of the earth, and
blew into its nostrils the breath of life.
And the earth creature became a living being.”
~Genesis 2:7 (the Inclusive Bible)

Let us enter a time of prayer by recognizing that we are filled with the breath of life; we are filled with God’s love and we have the capacity to share that love with others.  Taking a slow and deep inhale through your nose,

Breathe in calm, and

Breathe out anxiety,

Breathe in love, and

Breathe out worry,

Breathe in a passion for justice, and

Breathe out feelings of powerlessness.

God of All Living Things, we know that your presence with us is as constant as our inhales and our exhales.  You are with us now, especially now, as we monitor and digest the results of the election held this week.  Let us breathe in a sense of calm, and breathe out our anxieties.  Open our eyes and our ears to the world as you see it so that we may truly see and support all who are struggling in our society.  Give us calm persistence to do your will and to love our neighbors through our daily actions and through our civic engagement.

God of Movement, let us not be set in our ways, whatever those ways are.  May we be open to receiving your love, to feeling it in our hearts and in our bodies.  Let us breathe in your love, and breathe out any worries weighing us down.  Help us approach the world knowing that we are your beloved children.  That there is nothing we can do to make that love cease, but also that we have a great responsibility to care for your creation – from the smallest flower to the largest glacier, from the people with whom we feel an easy connection to the people we struggle to see as your children. 

God of Community, remind us that our relationship with you bears fruit in our relationship with others.  We are called to be community together.  To learn, explore, discuss – to agree and disagree – to vote and also to be engaged in between elections.  Let us breathe in a passion for justice, and breathe out self-doubt and feelings of powerlessness.  Stir in us a desire and commitment to seek justice, to hold our elected leaders accountable, and to stay informed so that we can do so. 

For all this we pray, Amen.

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