Share the Feast During Epiphany

This Epiphany season the Metro D.C. Synod is expanding the table; connecting one home to another. Sharing our cultures we recognize and celebrate the gifts of flavor and culture that come through the recipes that are handed down. Brighten our table with the gift of a beloved dish you share with your family.

We will compile and share the recipes with the entire Metro D.C. Synod as a way to be together at the table even when we cannot gather in person.

Once the recipe book has been shared, we encourage you to share through social media a picture of what you made along with a prayer you said for the person who shared the recipe. We look forward to hearing how you tried something new, tasted something different, and dared to do something that expands the table.

You can share a recipe using the link below! Please respond by December 4th. We hope to have at least one recipe from every congregation in our synod. Thank you!

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