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Group 236

“… I know I’m not the only one wondering why the mainline struggles so mightily with this while others have young adults streaming in their doors,” writes the Rev. Amy Thompson Sevimli, Assistant to the Bishop, ELCA Metro D.C. 1008sevimliyawgvideoSynod, in her post to the Call & Response blog of Duke Divinity School. The entry, “Dreaming Big,” was posted (8/3/10) as part of their Leadership Education initiative.

A theme we’ve heard previously from Pr. Sevimli in local forums turns up in an earlier Call & Response entry. “I’d like those of us who are part of the church to speak to those who aren’t,” she urges. The post (6/28/10), “A (radical?) proposal – ask people why they don’t come to church,” was reprinted by The Christian Century magazine (7/27/10).

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