Studying Kairos

Group 236

In our continuing efforts to help bring about justice and peace in the Holy Land, during the Spring Session of the 2010 Metro D.C. Synod Assembly in May we agreed as a synod to study the Kairos Palestine Document  (review the adopted resolution). The synod’s Middle East Working Group is working to create opportunities to make this document better known and understood. As a primary website for study and discussion we recommend Kairos resources in the “Peace Not Walls” section of the ELCA Web site.

We are working on putting together forums in our synod dedicated to this issue. The first will be Thursday Aug. 26, 7 pm at Christ Lutheran Church (5101 16th Street, NW). At this forum, we will discuss what Kairos means and why this document is so important and necessary. We also hope to address the following questions:

  1. Does the Kairos Palestine Document represent a commitment of Palestinian Christians to finding peace, justice, and reconciliation with their brothers and sisters through the way of the Christ we follow together?
  2. Do we, in solidarity with the churches in Palestine and the Church of Christ throughout the world, affirm the belief that the mission of the Church is prophetic, to speak the Word of God courageously, honestly and lovingly in the local context and in the midst of daily events?
  3. Do we affirm the path of non-violent resistance to oppression which Kairos Palestine has set forth as the means by which the Body of Christ is called to act and live?
Contributor Nathan Rich is a member of the Middle East Working Group.

Contributor Nathan Rich is a member of the Middle East Working Group.

Of course, for many people these questions are fraught with fear and suspicion. We hope to address some of these concerns through conversation and dialogue. I hope you will be able to join us. Please do not hesitate to contact one of us if you have any questions.

In Christ,
Nathan Rich, for Middle East Working Group

Members of the Middle East Working Group: the Rev. Conrad Braaten, Dora Johnson, Jean Martensen, Nathan Rich, the Rev. Russell Siler, Kathryn Tobias, Paul Verduin, the Rev. Paul Wee