Your church looks cute in that

Group 236

by Karen Krueger

I’d say Nativity Lutheran in Alexandria, Virg. is inviting visitors up their walkway with this image on their web page. What do you see in your church photos?

If you’ve shopped for a home online, you’ve probably noticed the difference between great photos and dull ones – then shortlisted potential property with a strong photo. So notes a United Methodist Communications article helping churches figure out “Taking Inviting Photos of Your Church.”* Tips from author Gavin Richardson include:

  • Choose the right places: Show off those places that interest people. The sanctuary is a good place to start, but don’t forget entrances, welcoming areas, children’s rooms, prayer rooms and chapels. Skip rooms with too much clutter.


  • Be aware of the sun: As a rule, photograph at dusk or dawn, with all the lights on in a building. This can provide a warm, welcoming feeling in a photo.

Scan the full list of tips then get out the camera. “[In) today’s image-driven culture, a photograph might be what brings visitors to your church,” the article says of photos on your website, Facebook and more. Did you capture it? Looking good!

* Richardson, Gavin. “Taking inviting photos of your church” (accessed 7/12/17).  United Methodist Communications blog post.