In the news: Geothermal energy replaces rusting boilers for local congregation

Rigs begin drilling at St. Mark's (photo by Alice McRorie)
Rigs begin drilling at St. Mark's (photo by Alice McRorie)

When St. Mark’s Lutheran in Springfield needed to update their heating and cooling system, they made some ecologically responsibility and financially creative decisions according to “For St. Mark’s a Miracle from Underground” by Emma Brown.

Brown reports, “What sounds like a free lunch is, in fact, creative financing coupled with an ultra-efficient geothermal system that uses the constant temperature of the earth underground for heating and cooling. It’s a green technology that sips energy and contributes relatively few emissions — an attractive benefit in a time of increasing concern about global climate change, [the Rev. Michael] Taylor said” (Washington Post, 8/20/09) The congregation’s pastor was also quoted saying, “We’re called upon, we believe, by God to be caretakers of the Earth —  That’s the bottom line.”

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