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  • Creation Care Sunday – April 27


    Seasonally sneeze recently? Still have a shovel laying about from March? Swat at a groggy insect? Doesn’t take much to be reminded of our creation connections. On Sunday April 27, synod congregations are invited to focus on Creation Care – in worship, education, building & property, advocacy and home & work. Share something you’re doing and check out the Creation Care Team’s ideas.  “Christian concern for the environment is shaped by the Word of God spoken in creation, the Love of God hanging on a cross, the Breath of God daily renewing the face of the earth,” opens Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope, and Justice, an ELCA social statement. “Even as we join the political, economic, and scientific discussion, we

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  • It’s World Malaria Week


    Give a gift between April 25 and May 2 to the ELCA Malaria Campaign, your gift will be matched. A world-wide movement is observing World Malaria Day on April 25 and World Malaria Sunday on April 27. World Malaria Day is an opportunity to remember those who have died from malaria, honor those who live with the daily realities of the disease and renew our commitment to join the global movement of people who are making malaria history. The goal of the ELCA Malaria Campaign in this period is to raise $250,000 -- enough to start malaria programming in Namibia. Link to more on local effort and national

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  • No one is invisible to God


    "Jesus saw Mary. Jesus knew Mary. Jesus spoke 'Mary.' It was being completely seen, utterly known and lovingly called that opened Mary Magdalene to the hope of the resurrection and into a deeper relationship with Christ. Because she was seen she could see."This is Easter vision. We have been seen, known and called by God through the crucified and risen Savior and, having received the Spirit through baptism, we all can now see. We can see Christ and we can see Christ in our neighbor. No one is invisible to God and no one is invisible to us. What wondrous love is this! "So beloved, with newly opened eyes let us be bold to say, 'Christ is risen. Christ is risen indeed. Hallelujah!'" This Easter message is shared by the Rev.

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  • Creation care is in the air


    Now that the daffodils have pushed through, it's easier to find a skip in one's step as we marvel at creation. Creation Care Sunday is April 27, 2014 in the Metro D.C. Synod. What a great time to think about how we all - individually, in congregations, and in community - can care for this fabulous gift. Put your enthusiasm into action! Find ideas from the Creation Care Team

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  • Pre-natal care push against malaria


    A woman’s immunity to malaria is reduced when she becomes pregnant, putting her and her baby at greater risk. Two doses of anti-malarial medication during pregnancy protect both mom and baby from contracting the disease. World Malaria Day is observed internationally on April 25, 2014, and World Malaria Sunday will be observed on April 27. A World Malaria Day Toolkit has been prepared by the ELCA Malaria Campaign for that week and any other time you would like to uphold the work of the ELCA Malaria Campaign with intergenerational activity ideas, prayers, sermon starters and more. Results are evident from use of the over $11 million given toward the ELCA Malaria Campaign thus far. Here are some stats: 32,179 pregnant women

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