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  • It’s ELCA Churchwide Assembly week


    The ELCA Churchwide Assembly meets Monday through Saturday, Aug. 8-13, in New Orleans. It’s the primary decision-making body of the church in a process of communal spiritual discernment. The Metro D.C. Synod has sent Voting Members and gifted preachers to be part of the action. Want to follow along? Use ‪#‎ELCAcwa on social media. The Grace Gathering (another ELCA event on site) will be using ‪#‎ELCAgg and tweeting at @ELCAgg16. Livestream will be available at ELCA.org/CWA. We're looking forward to those posts, tweets and

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  • Head to college with Campus Ministry contact


    If you are a young adult, or if you know of a young adult who is looking for a community of friends and a way to express faith, consider campus ministry. The campus ministries of the ELCA welcome everyone into their loving and accepting communities. You can use this referral tool to find a ministry near you. Young adults experience unique spiritual, intellectual and emotional challenges. ELCA Campus Ministry seeks to strengthen and support them as they learn and grow. Start from: http://lumin-networkreferral.org/ . If you are looking for a school that is not listed, we will direct your referral to the nearest ELCA Lutheran

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  • #ELCAvotes initiative continues


    The #ELCAvotes movement is helping our community engage through conversation, prayer and action this election season. ELCA Advocacy suggests several #ELCAvotes tools: a Bible Study on “Voting Rights Today,” a “Civic Participation and Voter Education Guide,” and social media connection with the hashtag #ELCAvotes. Also leading the #ELCAvotes effort are ELCA Racial Justice Ministries and ELCA Young Adult Ministry. ELCAvotes is an initiative to: Expand the role of the church in encouraging faithful and non-partisan voter participation by providing faith based resources around voting; Provide a framework for all Lutherans to understand and speak out about the intersection of voting/elections, racial/gender and economic

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  • Collaboration opportunity


    Just as many congregations are part of this synodical expression of the ELCA, so do multiple synods make up regions in the ELCA. The Metro D.C. Synod is in Region 8. And those of us who strive to live out “God’s work. Our hands.” in this area have much in common with those with the same goal in neighboring region synods. Are you interested in meeting others from your region and synod who are passionate about bearing witness to Jesus Christ in word and deed, ending hunger, responding to disasters, global engagement, communicating and sharing the story of the ELCA? An “ELCA Networks for Mission Event: Region 8” gathering is taking place on October 6-8, 2016 in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Through large group sessions, skill workshops

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  • Getting downtown these days


    Have you heard of "Safetrack?" Activity on local Metrorail lines impacts everyone traveling in the metro D.C. area. Safetrack is a plan to address safety recommendations and rehabilitate the Metrorail system. If you're planning on visiting the synod office, which is located conveniently beside the Judiciary Square Metro stop. you will want to review Safetrack status. A schedule and link on our "Contact/Visit Us" page will tell you

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  • Our Annual Gathering


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The BEST of intentions! “Statements of Intent” can now be registered online, and they are foundational for planning our ministry partnership in 2016. Congregations – please link here.

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