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  • Creation care is in the air


    Now that the daffodils have pushed through, it's easier to find a skip in one's step as we marvel at creation. Creation Care Sunday is April 27, 2014 in the Metro D.C. Synod. What a great time to think about how we all - individually, in congregations, and in community - can care for this fabulous gift. Put your enthusiasm into action! Find ideas from the Creation Care Team

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  • Pre-natal care push against malaria


    A woman’s immunity to malaria is reduced when she becomes pregnant, putting her and her baby at greater risk. Two doses of anti-malarial medication during pregnancy protect both mom and baby from contracting the disease. World Malaria Day is observed internationally on April 25, 2014, and World Malaria Sunday will be observed on April 27. A World Malaria Day Toolkit has been prepared by the ELCA Malaria Campaign for that week and any other time you would like to uphold the work of the ELCA Malaria Campaign with intergenerational activity ideas, prayers, sermon starters and more. Results are evident from use of the over $11 million given toward the ELCA Malaria Campaign thus far. Here are some stats: 32,179 pregnant women

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  • Conveying comfort and encouragement


    When Lutheran World Relief (LWR) distributes Personal Care Kits, it’s often to people who have lost everything. In the wake of an earthquake, or having fled from violence as their homes were overtaken - a towel from a faraway place with a bar of soap and a toothbrush tells someone they’ve not been forsaken by the world. The very simple gesture shares God’s grace and love. Consider getting involved with these kit ideas, and watch this video to see distribution in

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  • We can SEEEEEE you


    As promised, the Together in Mission (TIM) team has posted video of the 18 minute presentations on best ideas for better following Jesus in the 21st century given in January 2014 to YouTube. Erik Backus' day-job is as an Engineering Planner at George Mason University. But as a member of a local Lutheran congregation, he talks with us about sustainability and green practices and what they mean to us as people of faith in his TIM-Talk. His talk is just one example of what is available from: www.youtube.com/channel/UCS_KDcETFpEdBKDOhkLyR7w. Learn more from the TIM team's website and network with the community on

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  • Remember that you are dust


    Catch sight of any smudged crosses on foreheads of fellow commuters or coffee shop patrons? On Ash Wednesday, we entered Lent with reflection. A poem by Lutheran pastor Keith Spencer may open your heart to the richness of this church season, "Now is the acceptable time!" Lines include: "...That we must all face our finitude despite the seeming greatness within our grasp, the dreamy potential of achievement, to make a name, to leave our mark, to acquire the prestige whereby others nod their heads in our direction and that our footfalls on this earth shall endure despite the wind and rain and time that soften their impressions.  That our time has in aggregate meant something, to someone, somewhere...." Linger on the full text posted to

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Synod Assembly is coming on Saturday, June 21, 2014. Get ready to participate! "We are the church together."

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