Connecting Congregations in Holy Work for Justice and Equity

The Racial Equity Network was formed in conjunction with the synod's Racial Equity Team to provide a dedicated space to share the joys, struggles and opportunities in this most holy work for racial equity and justice in the world.

For more information or to contact the Racial Equity Network chair, Shannon Spence,
please email

Join Facebook Group

Congregations from across the synod share resources and opportunities to participate in important racial equity and justice work within this private Facebook group. Submit a request to join at the link below!

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How to Get Started!

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Form a Racial Equity Group

Have you or your congregation recently felt called to dedicate some amount of time, energy, and resources to the cause of racial justice? Have you been asking yourself, what does that even look like in a congregational setting? How do we get started?

This guide was developed by the Minneapolis Area Synod with the purpose of answering your questions and to provide a general process for congregations in the early stages of racial justice work.

Do the Holy Work

Congregations from around the synod have compiled a list of various activities and ministries they have participated in, to further their racial equity work.

Some of these were led by a racial equity team already assembled in the congregation, others were led by dedicated members who wish to make racial equity work integral to the work of the Church.

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