Confirmation Crossword

Group 236

1205crosswordsmCommitted to finding ways to do ministry “outside the box,” the Rev. Miriam Nicholson shared lots of creative ideas during her Storytelling workshop at the recently-held 2012 Metro D.C. Synod Assembly. One example is this Confirmation Crossword, the first in an annual series of funky ideas turned into permanent art – since 2007 enlivening the space at Messiah Lutheran Church in Elliottsburg, Penn.

In her clues, Pr. Miriam tips, “Remember YOU are also a part of the solution!” because answers are speckled with confirmands’ names. Test your knowledge with the following clues – and click on the image if you need to see a larger version of the end project / answer key. 

 2.  What the poor have (Job 5:16)     
 4. An old geyser in Yellowstone Park    
 6. One of the three ways you shall love the Lord your God (Deuteronomy 6:5)
 8. The most important word in this puzzle   
 9. The one who makes us free indeed (John 8:36)   
10. Gold or frankincense or myrrh      
12. A baby born in Nazareth       
15. Moses and Aaron’s sister (Exodus 15:19-21)    
17. The one who waited for the Prodigal son (Luke 15:20b)  
18. A student who wants to be first (Matthew 19:30)   

 1. Our denomination        
 2. With 13 Down, one of the names of the Trinity   
 3. The person who leads and cares for a congregation   
 5. A student with knowledge of Christian heritage   
 7.  The plural form of the greatest gift (I Corinthians 13:13)  
10. A student who is named after an Angel    
11. A student with Pentecost colored hair     
13. See 2 Down         
14. The focus of one of the trees in the garden (Genesis 2:9)  
16. A student named after one of the Gospels

“I am delighted to pass on some of the ‘outside the box’ ways that God has provided me for sharing the Gospel,” Pr. Miriam says with characteristic joy.