Sixth Meeting of Salvadoran Sister Churches-Stories of the Spirit

Group 236

Several delegates from the Metro D.C. Synod participated in the Sixth Meeting of Salvadoran Sister Churches in El Salvador from November 7-10, 2022

On November 7, 2022, Acting Bishop Pastor Lamar Bailey, Kathryn Tobias, and Phil Loar traveled to El Salvador to participate in the Sixth Gathering of Sister Churches, along with nearly 30 other international delegates from the U.S., Germany, Finland, and Brazil and another 28 Salvadoran delegates including youth, pastors, and lay leaders. The meeting convened at the San Francisco de Asis Center in Chalatenango.

It was an honor and a joy to be together to renew established relationships and find new companionships.

The meetings reviewed progress toward previous commitments and built accompaniment strategies for the coming period of transition and sustainability. Other goals included strengthening pastoral and lay leadership toward making use of the resources of communities of faith.

On the second day, the delegates divided into two groups to travel to two of five micro-regions–to the northern “Espiritu de Gozo” community in Guazapa, where 12 of 15 communities participated, and to the South Central “Fe y Esperanza” community in Nejapa, where 12 of 22 Churches participated. The visitors were amazed and impressed with the participation in the life of the church, especially of young people.

Returning to the retreat center, the delegates reflected on the ministries of the Salvadoran church, including migration ministry, health ministry, Sister Churches program, family ministry, communications, care of creation, and evangelism. 

Commitments to the Sister Churches program included strengthening mutual accompaniment and following up with communities that have a sister relationship and reaching out to those that do not.

A highlight, as in the past, was visiting the Lutheran Cathedral in San Salvador and hearing from Bishop Medardo Gomez. 

Thank you to the Salvadoran Lutheran Church for coordinating this event.


Watch the video below for some highlights from this event:


Here are some photos from the trip:

From the Coordinator of the Program:

The Salvadoran Lutheran Church is so grateful to all of you who participated and helped to make possible the VI Sister Churches Gathering (Encuentro).

We were delighted to see you again face to face and to share with you our challenges, our vision, and hope for a better future. We really missed everyone who couldn´t attend the Encuentro, but we hope you will be with us in November 2025!

Special Thanks to Paulina Dasse, Mike Busbey, Jaime Dubòn, Marìa Paiva for their invaluable help in the process and with the translations. 

Thank you everyone for the time spent with us during these wonderful days in La Palma. 

Thank you for walking with us! 


Rev. Christian Chavarría Ayala
Sister Churches Program
Salvadoran Lutheran Synod 


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