Synod Assembly Quick Tips

Group 236

Preparations are in full swing for the Metro D.C. Synod Assembly; they have been for a while. For me (Laura!), this is my first ever Synod Assembly. So I took to our social media to ask: What should newcomers know about Synod Assembly??

  1. Download the Guidebook App! — Many of you have likely been receiving our Events Digest, or Facebook updates about the Guidebook App we’re using for Synod Assembly this year. The app has all the schedules, workshops and summaries, and even allows you to create your own schedule for how you want to spend the weekend. You can also use it to connect with other attendees!
  2. It Gets Cold! — Believe it or not, despite it being the middle of June, the building in which we’re convening can get cold. Have layers of some kind to keep you warm as you move through the day. We’re not suggesting parkas by any means: a sweater or sweatshirt will be just fine!
  3. Bring Treats! — “Bring an easy to eat, easy to share treat for the entire table or two. My churches have always preferred a big tub of red licorice” says one comment. Is there a better way to break the ice than with food? This for sure isn’t a requirement, but it would be a great conversation starter!
  4. Have the right shoes! — You are walking A LOT this weekend. You might be standing a lot. It’s so important to have shoes that will provide comfort and support all day, so you can actively focus/participate in the going-ons, instead of thinking about how much your feet hurt!
  5. Portable Chargers! — There are unfortunately no chargers available at the tables during the plenary. This is an all-day event and while opportunities may arise for one to slip away and plug in their phone, it’s a really good idea to have a portable charger with you to keep your phone nice and charged. However, if you find that your phone is dead and you cannot charge, find a staff member! We will always be available to answer questions!
  6. UTILIZE THE STAFF! — We have some amazing staff and volunteers who will be working all weekend to ensure you have a good weekend, and we are here to answer questions! Do not be afraid to approach someone and ask questions, whether about the schedule or simply which room to go to. We want everyone to have the best weekend they can!

We are so excited to see everyone, and we hope everyone has a great weekend!