Synods assemble annually as the highest governing body for their respective synod and the ELCA Constitution for Synods grant voting members from congregations in the synod the opportunity to propose resolutions and memorials for consideration by the assembly.

We encourage members, congregations, divisions and offices to submit proposed resolutions and memorials to the Reference and Counsel Committee in advance of the assembly, allowing the committee to assist the sponsor to receive a fair and focused hearing of their resolution or memorial.

  1. Review the Guidance Letter and Model Resolution before drafting your resolution or memorial. 
  2. Download and Complete the 2021 Submission Form. 
  3.  Send your draft resolution/memorial, the 2021 Submission form, and necessary supporting materials to Kevin Anderson, Synod Secretary, at and Rev. Mark Edwards, Chair of the Reference and Counsel Committee at no later than Saturday, May 1, 2021.